Rat removal

getting rats out of your attic

Rats are very destructive rodents and need to be trapped and removed as soon as possible. When a rat gets into the attic, the rat will chew through electrical wires, leave feces and urine in the insulation, get in the A/C duct work and damage the drywall.  Part of Complete Animal Removal’s rat control program is inspecting for rat damage and providing solutions to restore your attic to its original state.  

We provide home exclusions for rats, using only concrete and metal based products. Complete Animal Removal will never use foam for rats.  Rats can chew through foam within days and is not a permanent solution. Our professional rat exclusion techniques makes our work look like part of your home. 

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We trap rats out of the attic, from in the house or under the home.

rat damage

why do i need to get rid of rats?

Rats are rodents and have strong teeth that allow them to chew through wire, aluminum, lead, wood, glass and cinderblock. Rodent’s teeth continuously grow and need to be filed down. As a result of this rats are constantly gnawing on everything. When rats get into the attic they chew electrical wires, drywall, a/c duct work, wood and much more. When rats chew on electrical wires they start fires.

Rats live in every type of home including old historic homes and new construction homes that have never been lived in. A rat can spend hours making a new hole in your home to gain access to your ceiling, walls and under the house. An adult rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as the size of a quarter.




rat behavior

why do i hear scratching in the attic at night?

Roof Rats are commonly found in attics where they nest in the insulation. These rats are great climbers and will find a way onto your roof. Once the rats get on the roof, they either use an existing entry point or create their own.

 Norway Rats are generally found under homes and businesses as they dig tunnels underground, Even though the Norway Rats are commonly found on the first floor of buildings they will occasionally get into attics.

Norway rats are omnivores and will eat everything from vegetables to animals. They feed on grains, fruits, eggs, fish, milk, garbage and both dead and alive animals.

Roof Rats eat fruits, berries, pet food, vegetables, cereal, nuts, grain, slugs, snails and rotten food.


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Rats get in the attic and leave their feces and urine on the insulation and drywall.


Rats mate year round and females can produce up to 7 litters per year. They do not recognize incest and a population can get out of control. Norway Rats are sexually mature after 5 weeks and Roof Rats are sexually mature after 12 weeks. They usually have litters between 7 and 11. The offspring from one rat can produce over 2,000 rats in one year.

The most common species of rats we find entering homes are the Roof Rat and the Norway rat. The Norway Rat is also known as the Brown Rat or Sewer Rat. The Roof Rat is also known as the Fruit Rat.

Norway Rats are brown, medium-sized rodents with small eyes and a long snout. Roof Rats are more slender with back and gray coloring, a longer tail and larger ears. The tail on a Roof Rat is longer than it’s body; where as the tail on a Norway Rat is shorter than it’s body.

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