Identifying Raccoons

raccoon description

Raccoons have gray fur with a black mask and black rings around its tail.  Raccoons have 5 toes on their front paws that act much like the hands of a human.  Since raccoons are nocturnal animals they are primarily seen at night.  If a raccoon is spotted out during the day then the raccoon is either sick with a disease, injured or in seek of a food source not available at night.

The average lifespan of raccoons in the wild is 2 to 3 years.  In captivity a raccoon can live for as long as 20 years.   Raccoons are not recommended to have as pets due to their aggressiveness and ability to transmit diseases.

Raccoons are native to Tennessee and most of North America.

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what do racoons eat?

raccoons food source

Being omnivores, raccoons are great hunters and foragers.  It has been found that a raccoons diet consists of about 33% plant food, 40% invertebrates and 27% vertebrates.  Raccoons will seek out and catch rats, crayfish, birds, snakes, frogs and eat the eggs of any animal.  Fruits and plants are also an important part of a raccoon’s diet. Berries are often found undigested in a raccoon’s feces.  You will also find raccoons digging in the yard and lifting up sod to find grubs and earthworms.  Garbage cans are a great source of food for raccoons and the raccoons will make a mess while they search through them.  Raccoons are actually very clean creatures and wash their food in streams, ponds and swimming pools.

raccoons in the attic?

raccoon damage and what to do

Raccoons in the wild live in the hollow parts of trees and abandoned burrows from other animals such as armadillos.  In urban environments raccoons have adapted to living in man-made structures.  Raccoons are intelligent and extremely adaptable and benefit from the presence of humans. When raccoons get in the attic of a home or business they build their nests using the attic for shelter.  Raccoons also live under decks, under sheds, under mobile homes, and in garages. 

When you have raccoons in the attic they are doing a tremendous amount of damage.  From the very first time you hear noises in the attic the raccoons are urinating around the perimeter of the attic marking their territory.  The raccoons also start a latrine of feces, which can be the source of many diseases.  When you hear scratching in the attic the raccoons are either building their nest or the baby raccoons are playing.  Raccoons tear through A/C ductwork and destroy electrical wires.  Insulation in the attic will be destroyed by the raccoons from their feces and by them walking on it and ruining the R-value.  When you have a dead raccoon in the wall the horrible smell will be unbearable.  Raccoons also leave urine and feces on the drywall and over time can weaken it to the point the raccoons can fall through the ceiling into the home or business. 

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Raccoons mate between the months of January and February.  When you hear raccoons in the attic mating it can sound like humans fighting.  People commonly mistake raccoons in the attic for an intruder and call the police.  Noises in the attic that include scratching in the attic, banging noises in the attic and running in the attic could be from the raccoons mating in the attic. 

Raccoons give birth in spring to early summer and have anywhere from 1 to 7 babies. Baby raccoons are called kits and the mother is a sow.  As a group the family of raccoons are called a nursery.  The mother raccoon is very protective of her baby kits and can live in the attic together for an entire year before they separate.  The raccoon’s eyes stay closed until around 20 days after birth.  The baby raccoons are weaned at 7 to 16 weeks. When the baby raccoons leave their mother they find communities of 4 to 5 raccoons for protection against predators. 

Raccoons carry multiple diseases that can be transmitted to humans and their pets.  

  • Rabies – Raccoons are the largest carrier of the rabies virus in Tennessee and the east coast of the United States.  Rabies is 100% fatal once symptoms of rabies occur from a bite of an animal with the virus. 
  • Leptospirosis – This is an infection caused by a bacteria that grows on raccoon feces called Leptospira.  Leptospira is a corkscrew-shaped bacteria that infects almost 10 million people per year.  Symptoms can range from headaches, fevers and muscle aches: to bleeding in the lungs or meningitis. 
  • Salmonella – A bacteria that causes sever diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.  In some cases the infection may spread from the intestines to the blood stream.  This will lead to death if not treated promptly.  
  • Raccoon roundworm – Baylisascaris procyonis – One gram of raccoon feces can contain over one million raccoon roundworm eggs.  When an egg enters the human body the larvae hatch in the intestines and travel throughout the body.  This affects organs, muscles, the brain and spinal cord.  Symptoms include nausea, tiredness, loss of coordination and attention to surroundings, loss of muscle control, blindness, coma and even death. 

Raccoon removal is necessary to prevent these diseases and more from infecting both humans and pets.  Complete Animal Removal will get rid of raccoons by humanely trapping raccoons and disinfecting and sanitizing where the raccoons were living.  Raccoons in the attic, raccoons under the home, raccoons in the pool, raccoons in the wall, raccoons outside and raccoons in the house all pose a threat for transmitting disease. 

Raccoons are fast and can run up to 15 mph.  Raccoons can fall from 35 to 40ft without injuring themselves, which is a good trait since raccoons live in attics and up high in trees. 


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