nutria control

why are there nutrias in the pond?

Nutria are large rodents that are similar in appearance to beavers with long, thin tails. The most a nutria will weigh is 20 pounds where a beaver can weigh up to 100 pounds. Nutria are nocturnal animals but when their food source is scarce they will hunt during the day. Like beavers, you will never see a nutria in your attic. Nutria live in freshwater rivers, marshes, bayous and ponds. 

Nutria are not native to the Nashville area and breed all year long. The juvenile nutria reach sexual maturity at just 4 months and each litter can have up to 13 baby nutria. Complete Animal Removal’s expert nutria trapper will trap the nutria before the population gets out of hand. 

Nutria removal and nutria control. Nutrias in the river, pond or lake. Nutria dam

nutria removal

getting rid of nuisance nutrias

Nutrias in the water, nutrias in the lake. How to get rid of nutrias.

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what damage to nutrias create?

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Davidson County Nutria Removal 

Belle Meade, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Berry Hill, TN Nutria Removal – Forest Hills, TN Nutria Control – Goodlettsville, Tennessee Nutria Trapping – Nashville, TN Nutria Trapper – Oak Hill, – Tennessee Nutria Control – Ridgetop, TN Nutria Removal


Williamson County Nutria Removal 

Brentwood, TN Nutria Trapper – Fairview, Tennessee Nutria Control

Franklin, TN Nutria Removal – Nolensville, Tennessee Nutria Trapping – Spring Hill, TN Nutria Removal – Thompson’s Station, Tennessee Nutria Trapper


Stewart County Nutria Removal

Cumberland City, TN Nutria Removal – Dover, Tennessee Nutria Control – Tennessee Ridge, TN Nutria Trapper


Houston Couty Nutria Removal

Erin, Tennessee Nutria Control – Tennessee Ridge, TN Nutria Removal


Humphreys County Nutria Removal

McEwen, TN Nutria Removal – New Johnsonville, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Waverly, TN Nutria Control


Hickman County Nutria Removal 

Centerville, TN Nutria Trapper


Maury County Nutria Removal

Columbia, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Mount Pleasant, TN Nutria Removal – Spring Hill, Tennessee Nutria Control


Dickson County Nutria Removal

Burns, TN Nutria Removal – Charlotte, Tennessee Nutria Control – Dickson, TN Nutria Trapper – Slayden, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Vanleer, TN Nutria Trapping – White Bluff, Tennessee Nutria Control


Montgomery County Nutria Removal

Clarksville, TN Nutria Trapper


Cheatnam County Nutria Removal

Ashland City, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Kingston Springs, TN Nutria Removal – Pegram, Tennessee Nutria Control – Pleasant View, TN Nutria Removal


Robertson County Nutria Removal

Adams, Tennessee Nutria Trapping – Cedar Hill, TN Nutria Trapper – Coopertown, Tennessee Nutria Removal – Cross Plains, Tennessee Nutria Control – Greenbrier, TN Nutria Removal – Millersville, Tennessee Nutria Trapping – Orlinda, TN Nutria Trapper – Ridgetop, TN Nutria Control – Springfield, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – White House, TN Nutria Trapping


Trousdale County Nutria Removal 

Hartsville , Tennessee Nutria Trapper


Sumner County Nutria Removal 

Gallatin, TN Nutria Removal – Goodlettsville, Tennessee Nutria Trapping – Hendersonville, TN Nutria Trapper – Millersville, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Mitchellville, TN Nutria Removal – Portland, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Westmoreland, TN Nutria Control – White House, Tennessee Nutria Control


Wilson County Nutria Removal

Lebanon , TN Nutria Trapper – Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Nutria Control – Watertown , TN Nutria Removal


Rutherford County Nutria Removal

Eagleville, TN Nutria Trapper – LaVergne, Tennessee Nutria Control – Murfreesboro, TN Nutria Removal – Smyrna, Tennessee Nutria Trapping


Bedford County Nutria Removal 

Bell Buckle, TN Nutria Control – Normandy, Tennessee Nutria Trapper – Shelbyville, TN Nutria Removal  – Wartrace, Tennessee Nutria Trapping


Marshall County Nutria Removal

Chapel Hill, TN Nutria Control – Cornersville, Tennessee Nutria Trapping – Lewisburg, TN Nutria Removal – Petersburg, Tennessee Nutria Trapper