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Identifying opossums

know what is making the noises in your attic

Opossums have 50 teeth, sharp claws, grey to black fur with a white face, hairless ears, and a long hairless, pink tail.  People often mistake them for a large rat but opossums are not rodents, they are marsupials.  Opossums have opposable thumbs on their rear feet, which aids in their amazing ability to climb into attics and up trees.  

Opossums are immune to venom from rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes we find here in Tennessee.  Opossums are also not likely to carry rabies due to their lowered body temperature.  

Opossums are nocturnal which means they are mostly active at night. If you see an opossum out during the daytime it may have a food source that is unavailable at night.

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We trap opossums, exclude opossums from the home or building and fix the opossum damage.
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Opossums get in the walls and in the ceiling. If you hear scratching in the walls it could be from opossums.

what happens when an opossum gives birth in the attic?

baby opossums in the attic?

With over 60 different species of opossum the only species we will find here in Tennessee is the Virginia Opossum.  The Virginia opossum is the only North American marsupial and keep their opossum babies (called joeys) in a pouch. 

When the opossums are born they are as small as a honeybee and about half do not make the short trip to the mother’s pouch.  Each litter can have up to 20 little joeys and once the opossums grow they venture in and out of the pouch and even climb on the back of the mother opossum.  This occurs when the opossums are between 2 and 5 months old. 

what do opossums eat?

opossum’s diet

Opossums are omnivorous and their diet consists of dead animals, mice, rats, snails, slugs, frogs, ground eggs, worms, birds, snakes, grass and small animals.  They are great scavengers and are attracted to homes that leave pet food outside.  They will also enter a home through doggy doors to find food inside the house.  When an opossum gets into an attic it is not searching for food just shelter.  If the attic is already infested with rodents they will eat the rats, mice or squirrels. When consuming small animals the opossum will eat the bones to satisfy their need for large amounts of calcium.  

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When opossums get in the attic they will use stored items for nesting materials. We get rid of opossums from the attic and fix the opossum damage.



Some other fun facts about opossums

The scientific Name of the Virginia Opossum: Didelphis virginiana

These furry critters are commonly called possums but the correct spelling is opossum.  Possums are a completely different species that are native to Australia and New Guinea.  The Virginia opossum is the only species we will find in Tennessee. 

Opossums have a surprisingly short lifespan for an animal of its size. Their life expectancy is only 2-4 years.  Since the opossums are scavengers they often eat items that are toxic to them and can be found dead in your yard, under your home or in your attic.  Opossums are also preyed upon by humans, dogs, cats and other wildlife.  When threatened by a larger animal opossums fall to their side and stick their tongue out pretending to be dead.  This is called playing possum and once the opossum feels it is safe it will return to its normal self and flee.  When the opossum pretends to be dead it is actually fainting and could take anywhere from 30 min to 4 hours to wake up from.  

Opossums are commonly found in attics, under homes, under decks, in sheds, in garages, in tree holes and existing armadillo dens. 

A fun fact male opossums are called jacks and female opossums are called jills.

Scientific Name of the Virginia Opossum: Didelphis virginiana

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