Charities we donate to 

a portion of every sale goes to these amazing charities

We are blessed to be in business and be able to donate to these wonderful organizations

Please follow their links to support their great cause


orphaned animals


This amazing organization rescues injured and orphaned wildlife. Walden’s Puddle is located in Joelton, TN and takes in baby animals from Nashville and all surrounding areas. Please click the link to go to their page and donate. A portion of every Complete Animal Removal’s sale goes to helping these superheroes. 

Walden’s Puddle Website


Cure Childhood Cancer


This charity received 4 out of 4 stars on They do amazing work with children and supporting research to end cancer. “Cancer is bad enough. But when it affects a child, it is particularly devastating. Because kids deserve a chance to experience life. To laugh and have fun.” Click the link to donate to their cause.

Cure Childhood Cancer Website

Orphaned wildlife


Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a privately funded organization that takes in orphaned baby animals. These spectacular people take in animals and raise them until they can be off on their own. We love what they do and donate to their cause. If you can please donate to them too. If you don’t have money to give you can donate supplies you may have around your house. Click the link to go to Ziggy’s page and find out how you can help.

Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Website

breast cancer assistance


Until we finally cure breast cancer there will be people in need of treatment that cannot afford it. Thats were these local angels come into play. Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition has paid for insurance premiums, medical bills, mortgage and rent payments and utility bills for breast cancer patients and their families. Help like this when going through cancer treatment can make a world of difference. Please click the link to their website to donate and help save lives. 

Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition Website