beaver control

why are there beavers in the pond?

Beavers are the largest North American rodent weighing up to 100 pounds. Luckily this is one rodent you will not see in your attic. Beavers are found in rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. A beaver’s strong jaw and sharp teeth are used to cut down trees by gnawing on the wood. Beavers burrow into dams and banks and are very persistent. If a beaver’s den is destroyed the beaver will work fast to rebuild it. Complete Animal Removal’s beaver trapping expert will trap and remove the beavers out of your Nashville area property. 

Beavers can be difficult to trap. How to get rid of beavers depends on multiple factors. Each beaver trapping session is different and is approached with multiple unique strategies. 

Beaver removal and beaver control. Beavers in the river, pond or lake. Beaver dam

beaver removal

getting rid of nuisance beavers

Beavers in the water, beavers in the lake. How to get rid of beavers.

beaver damage

what damage to beavers create?

Beaver trapper, beaver removal, beaver trapping and getting rid of beavers. Beaver damage repair.



Davidson County Beaver Removal 

Belle Meade, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Berry Hill, TN Beaver Removal – Forest Hills, TN Beaver Control – Goodlettsville, Tennessee Beaver Trapping – Nashville, TN Beaver Trapper – Oak Hill, – Tennessee Beaver Control – Ridgetop, TN Beaver Removal


Williamson County Beaver Removal 

Brentwood, TN Beaver Trapper – Fairview, Tennessee Beaver Control

Franklin, TN Beaver Removal – Nolensville, Tennessee Beaver Trapping – Spring Hill, TN Beaver Removal – Thompson’s Station, Tennessee Beaver Trapper


Stewart County Beaver Removal

Cumberland City, TN Beaver Removal – Dover, Tennessee Beaver Control – Tennessee Ridge, TN Beaver Trapper


Houston Couty Beaver Removal

Erin, Tennessee Beaver Control – Tennessee Ridge, TN Beaver Removal


Humphreys County Beaver Removal

McEwen, TN Beaver Removal – New Johnsonville, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Waverly, TN Beaver Control


Hickman County Beaver Removal 

Centerville, TN Beaver Trapper


Maury County Beaver Removal

Columbia, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Mount Pleasant, TN Beaver Removal – Spring Hill, Tennessee Beaver Control


Dickson County Beaver Removal

Burns, TN Beaver Removal – Charlotte, Tennessee Beaver Control – Dickson, TN Beaver Trapper – Slayden, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Vanleer, TN Beaver Trapping – White Bluff, Tennessee Beaver Control


Montgomery County Beaver Removal

Clarksville, TN Beaver Trapper


Cheatnam County Beaver Removal

Ashland City, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Kingston Springs, TN Beaver Removal – Pegram, Tennessee Beaver Control – Pleasant View, TN Beaver Removal


Robertson County Beaver Removal

Adams, Tennessee Beaver Trapping – Cedar Hill, TN Beaver Trapper – Coopertown, Tennessee Beaver Removal – Cross Plains, Tennessee Beaver Control – Greenbrier, TN Beaver Removal – Millersville, Tennessee Beaver Trapping – Orlinda, TN Beaver Trapper – Ridgetop, TN Beaver Control – Springfield, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – White House, TN Beaver Trapping


Trousdale County Beaver Removal 

Hartsville , Tennessee Beaver Trapper


Sumner County Beaver Removal 

Gallatin, TN Beaver Removal – Goodlettsville, Tennessee Beaver Trapping – Hendersonville, TN Beaver Trapper – Millersville, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Mitchellville, TN Beaver Removal – Portland, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Westmoreland, TN Beaver Control – White House, Tennessee Beaver Control


Wilson County Beaver Removal

Lebanon , TN Beaver Trapper – Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Beaver Control – Watertown , TN Beaver Removal


Rutherford County Beaver Removal

Eagleville, TN Beaver Trapper – LaVergne, Tennessee Beaver Control – Murfreesboro, TN Beaver Removal – Smyrna, Tennessee Beaver Trapping


Bedford County Beaver Removal 

Bell Buckle, TN Beaver Control – Normandy, Tennessee Beaver Trapper – Shelbyville, TN Beaver Removal  – Wartrace, Tennessee Beaver Trapping


Marshall County Beaver Removal

Chapel Hill, TN Beaver Control – Cornersville, Tennessee Beaver Trapping – Lewisburg, TN Beaver Removal – Petersburg, Tennessee Beaver Trapper